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Industry Insights| 3D Printing Becoming A Robust Economic Growth During the Epidemic

As a Chinese old saying goes “The times produce their heroes”, crisis is also a turning point for heroes. 3D printing is exactly the hero industry during the epidemic for it plays an important role in producing medical supplies such as protective goggles, becoming a robust growth both in production and in economy.
According to eastmoney.com, 3D printing stock achieved 2925.115 points by Feb. 6th, with an increase of 3%, and turnover of RMB 5.154 billion at the turnover rate of 1.50%. Known as the novel manufacturing technology with industrial revolution significance, 3D printing is unleashing its greater potential.

Manufacturing Intelligentization
“Internet+”mode has penetrated into all walks of industries. “Internet + 3D printing” benefits individuals and enterprises from optimizing industrial design and production processes, reducing manufacturing time, and cutting down investment costs and labor costs. If you want models of prototyping component parts, artistic sculpture, building sandbox, home decorations, you can look for online 3D printer service providers via the internet, and send them the digital model files and specific requirements. Final 3D printed models will be delivered to you right on time.

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Manufacturing Customization
Personalization and customization have been a mainstream demand among customers. Enterprises have to deep into niche market and adopt competitive marketing strategies to comply with consumers’ demands. With the prior technology advantages, 3D printing will enable customers to participate in product research and design, and deliver complicated final product, meeting diverse demands.
During the coronavirus epidemic, the 3D printed lung becomes a significant equipment to help medics analyze the virus and formulate precise medical treatment plan. As well as this, Shanghai University is asked to assist on produce customized protective goggles for medics work at the epidemic frontline. The team tried different molding methods and printing materials and finally chose photosensitive resin and TPU to make special medical equipment.

Manless Manufacturing
Traditional manufacturing requires workers to work on industrial chain and the assembly line, which means the more product components, the longer the supply chain and product line, and the more labor required. Whereas, 3D printing can produce component parts which can be directly used into final products. It will greatly shorten the supply chain, save more time and labor, and realize unmanned production.
Under the epidemic situation, many enterprises have announced not to resume work until Feb. 10th. A large number of workers are unable to return to work as usual, which undoubtedly exert pressure and loss for especially small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises. In the long run, the leaders of manufacturing companies will pay more attention to intelligent manufacturing, reducing more entry-level employees and increasing high-skilled talents with high-tech skills.

3D Printing Empowers and Promotes Manufacturing Upgrades
The coronavirus epidemic badly impacts all walks of industries far beyond imagination. Related industries will inevitably use high technology as the main source of power for enterprise transformation. In the future, 3D printing will be a major driven force for transforming enterprises realizing brand upgrade. Creality sincerely invites customers from all walks of life to acquire wealth in 3D printing industry.