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Industry Insights| How Entrepreneurs Prospect the 3D Printing Industry while facing the COVID-2019,?

To cope with the COVID-2019, the MIIT issued the Guiding Opinions on the Orderly Promotion of the Resumption of work and Production of Industrial Communication Enterprises, with the main focus stressing on strategic emerging industries such as 5G and additive manufacturing on Feb. 25th. However, how do entrepreneurs prospect the 3D printing industry in 2020?
During February, Nanjixiong, a comprehensive 3D printing platform, initiated a survey on “How the COVID-2019 will Affect the 3D Printing Industry” and received reports from more than 80 respondents 3D printing industry. On the open question “What is your forecast and thoughts on the 3D printing industry trends in 2020?”, Nanjixiong got a lot more views than expected. Below are the conclusions divided into 3 groups based on their personal attitudes.

1. Suppressive rebound in the second half of 2020.
2. At least a 20% increase in 2020.
3. Develop new products based on 3D printing technology and adjust the company's next development goals based on future trends.
4. Explore more in application fields, and invest more in software new materials. Expand more business opportunities with the distributor from all over the world, and the layout of sales networks.
5. Focus on the segment market, such as TPU, TPE soft materials.
6. The metal 3D printing market is expanding and the demand for metal powder is increasing. It’s time for planning on developing more new equipment, explore the emerging market, and invest more in online selling platforms.
7. It is still a positive industry with huge development potential.
8. The impact of the COVID-2019 is short-term but won’t change the development direction.
1. Business growth will remain the same as last year, and some companies will close.
2. The operating costs in February and March will be high, persistence is an opportunity
3. The outbreak restriction measures are beyond imagination, and the consequences will gradually be systemic
4. Not very good. Most of the upstream and downstream of the industry chain in the industry are small companies, and it is not easy to avoid the impact of immunization. Most of the technology companies in the development period are not profitable and their cash flows are tight.
5. The overall impact is large, and some companies are on the verge of bankruptcy; 20 years will continue to eliminate some 3d printing companies without capital and technical strength; the overall growth in 2020 will be lower than in 2019; the overall will still maintain a growth trend.
6. The first quarter will be significantly affected by the epidemic situation, and the full-year format is expected to be the same or lower than last year.
7. The industry will receive a great deal of shock and coexistence of crisis, but this year will certainly be very difficult, and everyone needs to actively respond.
8. The 2020 epidemic will have a significant adverse impact on the 3D printing industry
9. The work will be carried out smoothly in the second half of 2020, but compared to 2019, both the operating income and the scale of the business will decline significantly.
10. It is expected that the operation of the industry will be more difficult, and some enterprises will be eliminated. It is necessary to make the worst plan, control the scale and cost, and consider living.
The crisis is a turnaround
1. The excessive production capacity of printing machines, material prices have increased, and medical printing services will gradually become the new favorite.
2. Demand should be reduced, and orders for pure propaganda and furnishings should be reduced, but rigid demand is still there, and quality requirements should be increased. Just make use of this opportunity to reduce the number of salons, concentrate on providing 3D printed product quality and service quality, replace the low quality and high-quality status with durable quality, which is both environmentally friendly and full use of.
3. Labor-intensive enterprises must accelerate transformation, and equipment automation and manufacturing process upgrades will be the focus
4. It may be a good thing for the 3D printing industry, at least it will make more companies aware that companies must implement unmanned, intelligent, and reduce dependence on traditional processes
5. The medical industry will usher in a new opportunity, but the rise of online medical care or the rapid development of community health services is hard to say. However, for the bottom equipment suppliers and material suppliers, 2020 will be a severe year. The impact of insufficient cash flow of SMEs, especially technology-based SMEs, should continue to play a role in the first half of the year. Operation and market development in the second half of the year.
6. The epidemic has a huge impact on the country and even the world. From the perspective of the 3D printing industry, my thoughts: the use of additive manufacturing printing without geographical restrictions is needed in the future and can achieve and play a huge role; the advantages of short-cycle rapid manufacturing are effectively amplified; it is recommended that the entire industry give priority to solving printing costs Problems, expand the scale of technology application; it is recommended that groups, organizations, and leaders express their demands to the government to accelerate the marketization of open industries.
7. It is necessary to increase the integration of Internet information platforms and enhance off-site manufacturing capabilities
8. The epidemic is both a crisis and an opportunity. The development of the 3D printing industry in 2020 may be the same as or increase in 19 years.
9. The trend of personalized implants has come. The international competition will intensify this year, and time and efficiency are critical.
10. Crisis and opportunity coexist, roads are dangerous, and optimism is faced. Don't make excuses for failure, just find a way for success. Fight the epidemic.