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Industry Insights| The New Generation of Mask Equipped with IoT and 3D Printing

The 2nd China International Import Expo is about to rise its curtain. This is where the second generation of 3D printed masks is going to be showcased. Amore Pacific, the largest cosmetics conglomerate in Korean, is the inventor behind this new concept--customized 3D printed mask.

Traditional Mask

Masks are popular for women as it can be used to nourish, refresh women’s skin, tighten pores and deal with all kinds of wonderful things for the smooth and toned complexion. But they usually have even nourishing components that cannot target varied skin areas. The size may not fit all faces and it may add preservative agents, which can expel women from buying.

3D Printed Mask

3D printing has become a very great method for people to customize things, whether it is 3D printed lipstick cases or 3D printed shoe mid-soles. The newly-introduced IOPE Tailored Solution, which consists of a Tailored 3D Printed Mask and Tailored Serum, is personalized for every beautiful woman. The concept of separating the 3D printed mask with the serum is also great. For women's serum, they usually contain condensed ingredients like corrosive acid and vitamin C. Those are hard to preserve without preservative agent that can be skin irritated. Customers who visit the IOPE lab can get a customized sheet of 3D printed mask pack and bottles of serum using 3D printing and IoT (Internet of things). According to skin types or to focus on specific issues, ingredients for the serum can be mixed. It can exfoliate wrinkles and uneven pits and pores in the surface skin. It's said to contain nine materials, like fructan, cypress extract and sugar maple extract. Besides customized 3D printed mask content, it also uses 3D printing and IoT(Internet of things) to customize masks. The 3D printing technology used by the company belongs to bioprinting. Customers can use a smartphone app to scan and upload their skin. Then the 3D material made of soft, moisturizing effect will be loaded in the printer and be printed out of the build plate. Customers can buy more than one kindof serum that targets different parts of the skin. It means higher flexibility than traditional masks and can push more sales of 3D printed mask and serum.

Amore Pacific says that it's the first custom 3D printed facial mask on the market. Data shows that China has become the biggest oversea market for AmorePacific, accounting for 20% of global market share. Quoted from Gaoxin, the manager of Amore pacific in China market, "China's cosmetic market is still about to boom and flourish. China has become the world's second-largest market for cosmetics." He also added that after 20 years of development, Chinese consumers have a high level of acceptance and knowledge of cosmetic products series. Their needs for products will generally be more personalized.”

The thriving needs for highly customized products might be what drives companies forward. 3D printing can be great in the future.