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Industry Insights|Scholars 3D Printed One-Dollar Hearing Aids

Sources from British media, Saad Bhamla and Soham Sinha at Georgia Tech use cheap off-the-shelf electronic parts and a 3D-printed case to successfully build 3D printed hearing aids for less than one dollar. It sounds like good news to those who need yet currently can’t afford hearing aids.
The design is said to be developed based on the first design of hearing aids in the 1950s, composing of electronic parts and a body-worn soft case to attach to the ears.

This pair of hearing aids is to do good to those aging people, who have hearing loss. It is estimated that around more than 200 million people have been affected. This loss is to lose the ability to hear high-frequency sounds. The general function of the 3D printed hearing aids sets to amplify these sounds. According to Bhamla, he said he doesn't know of any other hearing aids that are so cheap. Others have built low-cost hearing aids, but they usually cost near 100$. Yet the two also mentions that Bhamla and Sinha's hearing aids now have internal circuitry that’s too loud subject to WHO standards.

3D printed hearing aids case is 3D printed, which costs less overall. If a hearing aids cost less than 1 dollar or just below $50 thanks to 3D printing's customizable production, it would be a blessing for those who have an aging hearing problem and make their senior life quality better.