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Industry Sights | Everyone can print the medical protective gear with 3D printer

During the Covid-19, 3D printer is gradually entering to the publics version. 3D printing technology has been widely applied in many fields, such as industrial design, Jewellery design, architecture model, education and aviation parts, etc. And in this virus, the 3D printer has the important role. Because many people printed the medical protective gear with 3D printer, such as, the face mask, the mask frame, the mask buckles and medical face shield, which makes up for shortage of medical and protective supplies all over the world.
According the Bloomberg news report, we can know that thousand of techies are fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s estimated that about 870,000 3D printers are operating in the U.S., according to Terry Wohlers of Wohlers Associates Inc., who tracks industrial and personal printer sales globally. He noted that if just one-third of those printers are making one PPE item per day, that would add up to almost 2 million PPE items per week. PPE means the personal protective equipment, which has donated the local hospital or other needed people.
The 3D printer is in vogue
People said that the most popular items are the medical face mask and ear savers, which allows health care professionals and other emergency personnel to avoid putting straps around their ears. Because if people wear the mask for a long time, the face or ear will be hurt. And during the virus, Creality also printed the face mask and face mask buckles with hundreds of 3D printer to donate the hospital of Shenzhen and Wuhan.
The printing face shield

Therefore, its no doubt that the 3D printer sales are growing quickly. Jack Chen, the co-founder of Creality3D, said the increase in interest has been unmistakable. Sales of his company’s popular, entry-level machines were about 50,000 units globally in February, he said. That increased by 5,000 units in March as many Americans began to fall ill with the virus (about 40% of the company’s sales go to the U.S.). For April, deliveries are on track to reach as many as 170,000 (they were 85,000 at mid-month).
Meg Miller, a project manger for business initiatives, said the chain is selling 3D products at all of its 25 U.S. locations. Even during the pandemic, sales are continuing (albeit curbside) because the chain’s inventory of computer equipment is considered an “essential business.” Miller also said the company isn’t releasing figures. During a recent visit, Creality printers could be seen stacked two or three to a cart, waiting for customers to pick them up.
Millions of people is benefiting
The Bloomberg news also reported that
One member of the this 3D-volunteer force is Kate Bilyeu, a social media marketer in Eugene, Oregon. She recently ordered a Creality printer for about $229, and said she’s prepared to make whatever parts she can to help battle the pandemic. “Even if I just have one machine, I can print enough for people that I know,” said Bilyeu, 37, who like many others trying 3D printing for the first time, has a personal motivation. In this report, Kate Bilyeu has two brothers-in-law who work in local hospitals and are constantly at risk because of the shortage of PPE.
In this report, we have learned that one Facebook group 3D Printing for Noobs which means the newbies and beginners has more than 12,000 members. This group has a—an increase of 1,000 in just the past week. All the discussions are about learning  how to make PPE. And another the same popular Facebook site, 3D Printing Club, has seen close to a 25% increase in new members. One of the most impressed person is the Christian Tamte, of Columbus, Ohio, have got her new Ceality printer last week. She need to learn about the operation of 3D printer. And now, she has already worked her way up to about 100 pieces a day, and is sending some of them to health care staff in New York.
After this COVID-19 pandemic, we believe that large numbers of people have known more about 3D printing technology, and the 3D printer will enter every family to bring the convenience and benefits in the future.