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Jewelry 3D printing|The collision between jewelry design and 3D printing

"Jewelry silent, but more than any language to impress the women" Shakespeare. No matter decorating or collecting, jewelry symbolizes the owner's personality, charm, taste and many other meanings, which is the same at all times and in all countries. The jewelry industry has a strong demand for personalized customization. From the perspective of users, what the wearer wants to express is often some special meanings through jewelry. In addition to the brand, many people also begin to pay attention to the uniqueness of the design. In fact, jewelry design is a process of compromise between creativity, modeling, materials, crafts and cost.

3D printing technology (additive manufacturing technology) is generally considered as a new manufacturing technology compared with the traditional manufacturing technology. China's 3D printing technology is not the first to start, but it has developed rapidly in recent years. The application of 3D printing technology continues to expand to medical, construction, clothing, food and other industries. All kinds of products are gradually entering people's daily life. Not only that,  3D printer is also becoming a means of R & D, design, innovation and personalized products.

In today's diversified consumption, people prefer to pursue the famous brands, and more importantly, they want to have their own customized goods. Because of its unique characteristics of portability, fashion and decoration, jewelry not only shows the special personal style, but also has been an important part of the private customized market.


Nowadays, more and more jewelry designers are using 3D technology to print their designs. The traditional jewelry manufacturing process has to go through a variety of procedures, such as plate starting, rubber mold pressing, rubber mold opening, wax injection, mold repair, etc. The procedures are more complex, and the cost of equipment, site, materials, manpower and time is relatively larger. With the mature application of 3D printing technology in the field of jewelry, it has impacted the production mode of traditional jewelry, which is a great change. 3D printing is leading the jewelry industry into a new time!