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Maker’s Guide| 3D Printed Face Mask---- No Worries on Mask Shortage and Virus Infection

During the coronavirus epidemic, face mask becomes the major issues confronted by both medics and residents. Disposable face masks are recommended to be changed every four hours and not to be reused after disinfection. People are having a great demand for face mask whereas the supply is limited. How can we solve this urgent contradiction?

There is supposed to be some other substitutes.
Without disposable masks, people are using plastic and cloth to make face masks or wearing fruit peel, baby diapers. It is such helpless that everyone is waiting for the end of this epidemic. These remedy masks shown in the picture may possibly reduce the infection risk, but doesn’t support long-term use or recycle use.

At this point, Creality would bravely put forward the idea of reusable 3D printed face mask frame, and make it a reality. The 3D printed face mask is designed based on ergonomics to be in accordance with individual facial contour.

How to make 3D Printed Face Mask
1. According to the face size, select the face mask frame which can best fit you. Here provide three STL files in three different sizes. The large size is suitable for man, the medium normally for women, and the smallest for kids. Please download it at the end of this article.

2. Import the STL file to the 3D printer, and wait for the final result coming out. Meanwhile, prepare all the materials including cotton cloth (or activated carbon cloth), PE plastics, flexible rope, tape which are all needed for making a complete face mask.

3. Cut the cotton cloth (or activated carbon cloth) into the shape in accordance with the face mask frame. Then, wrap the 3D printed face mask with all supportive filter materials. Simple three steps to finish a complete face mask.

Advantages of 3D Printed Face Mask
1. Easy-to-make. Since Creality is going to provide the ready-to-print STL file, all you need to do is print the face mask out of a 3D printer. Then you just need to wrap the face mask frame with some filter materials such as activated carbon fiber and activated carbon cloth, or other common materials such as cotton cloth, kitchen towel with plastic wrap.

2. Effective. The 3D printed face mask is designed in accordance with facial contour to properly fit on people’s face. Less space between the face mask and the face can effectively reduce the risk of coronavirus infection.

3. Reusable. The 3D printed face mask can be durable and resistant for long-time use. People only need to regularly change the filter material and wash the frame. (Note: Activated carbon cloth is more recommended to be used for high antibacterial rate up to 99 %.)

4. Eco-friendly. The 3D printed face mask is made of PLA, a 100% non-toxic material extracted from corn and other veggies.

5. Good breathability. The 3D printed face mask is designed to space grid, greatly improving the air ventilation and human breathability.

Importance of Wearing a Face Mask
The coronavirus is confirmed human-to-human transmission especially among close contacts (about 6 feet). Human-to-human transmission usually occurs mainly via respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes, similar to how influenza and other respiratory pathogens spread. For the sake of your own health, wearing a face mask to prevent coronavirus is the most direct way.

On the response of coronavirus prevention and control, many municipal governments issued the Notice on Wearing Masks in Public Places. Anyone who hasn’t followed the exact rules will discharge of statutory responsibilities.

For your convenience, we provide the STL files download links below:
Creality Mask