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Maker’s Guide|10 Best Websites for Free 3D Printing Files(ONE)

Check out the best collection of the best websites to download 3D printing files.
With the popularity of 3D printing technology, more and more 3D printing enthusiasts intend to print some novel and cool 3D models. However, the designing process is undoubtedly a huge threshold for most fans. In fact, there have been some 3D printing service websites offering countless 3D printables. Here present 10 3D printing websites that will unlock a large choice of 3D printing designs.
Affiliate to the well-known 3D printer manufacturer MakerBot, Thingiverse is actually a shared community of free 3D printable files. It has been one of the most influential 3D design communities in the world since its availability in 2014. Due to its high accessibility, anyone can freely upload, share and download 3D files for free.

By the end of 2015, there has accumulated more than one million 3D printable models on Thingiverse witha download volume of 200 million. It is probably the world's largest library of 3D printing models in terms of model quantity.

Showcase of 3D models from Thingiverse:
GrabCAD is the largest online community set up by professional designers, engineers, serving mechanical engineers to help them find well-designed 3D models and create their own products faster without having to redesign some of the basic components.

The GrabCAD community has gathered 6,420,000 engineers with over 3,830,000 free CAD files (some are STL files, and some other formats can also be converted to STL). In the library part, there are CAD model files for nearly 30 fields including 3D printing, aerospace, architecture, education, robotics, household, industrial design, jewelry, toys, and etc. Moreover, users can also get the most comprehensive online resource in the Tutorial part to learn from and interact with engineers and designers like you.

Showcase of CAD models from GrabCAD:

My Mini Factory is part of iMakr, a professional online 3D printer vendor with one of the world's largest 3D printer specialty stores in central London. With the slogan of “The world's largest boutique 3D object download platform", My Mini Factory enables users to upload 3D models to the model library. Everything available in the library is carefully chosen and tested by community members to ensure that each model can be 3D printed, with a strong emphasis on gaming and geek culture.

Covering over 10 categories, MyMiniFactory offers a variety of options for users from entry-level to intermediate level and to proficient level. Among all the available options, the cosplay part with no doubt can catch wide attention due to the realistic design of superhero characters and animations.

Cults3D is probably the largest online 3D printing market in France, offering either costive or free high-quality STL files. Not only as a 3D model library, Cults3D is also a 3D printing community where 3D printing enthusiasts can follow designers and other professional modelers in this well-built 3D printing social network. With the high availability of three different languages in French, English, and Spanish, the site becomes much more accessible for users all over the world.

In this digital market, users can discover almost everything about 3D printing and what can do with a 3D printer. Art, Fashion, jewelry, architecture, gadgets as well as daily tools can be found in the large catalog of creative inspiration.
3Dgogo is created and run by a group of website engineers and designers who are highly passionate about 3D printing, providing a selection of awesome 3D designs that are verified to print in most consumer 3D Printers. It is a digital marketplace for the purchase and sale of 3D printing designs, a large portion of which are for free. The biggest highlight of this site is that all 3D designs are verified with a finished 3D prints. No more failed prints!

Showcase of 3D models from 3Dgogo:

With 3D models on your computer, bring your ideas in hand! Seeing 3D printing as one of the largest industry disruptors of our time, let's innovate with 3D printing a bit more and more every day!

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