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Makers Story| 3D Printed DOTA2 Map---- The Most Impressive Collection You can Create for Yourself

WhiteClouds, the US-based company, cooperates with Shapeways to work on a large project since 2017. By utilizing 3D printers, the united team has been completed the 3D printed DOTA2 map a few days before.

As the printing partners of Shapeways and the world's largest full-color 3D printer, they have extensive experience in creating and printing various 3D models. WhiteClouds has provided 3D printed figurines in the past for DOTA as well as Halo, Smite and many other major entertainment brands. When Valve licensed, they wanted to make something unique. With their experience in creating 3D printed games and entertainment content and making large three-dimensional works, they decided to produce a unique game collection, so they decided to make a stunning 3D model "DOTA2 Map"

No matter where, the DOTA2 3D map model will definitely attract everyone's attention. This collection will be a treasure in the game room of any DOTA2 player's dream. Amazing details show each individually designed element, from each barracks and tower, to the forgotten bones of ancient enemies scattered along the forest path. Each model is handmade and assembled by craftsmen and model makers, and includes a beautiful hardwood case with decorative inlays. Highlight lava flows, crystals and other dynamic elements. There are currently three models, and these unique collections bring players the ultimate DOTA2 gaming experience.

All collections are made of stained hardwood and have an acrylic coating. The full-size model includes an electric lightbox that highlights various functions throughout the map, such as lava flows, soldiers, barracks and towers. There are 381 independent design elements using 39 different bright colors in the game. Each element is carefully designed to match the model in the game. All map elements are manufactured using advanced 3D printing technology to ensure maximum accuracy and detail.