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Market research 丨 Global 3D printer market demand surges, 2020 will exceed 22 billion US dollars!

3D printing technology might probably have influence in all aspects of 3d manufacturing. What really amazing is that it has the ability of customize personal stuff you like. In the future, there will be an tendency that you might build up a stuff very easily, but what really matters is how you design it, which becomes a linkage between innovation and market.
Since 2013, 3d printing technology has rapidly developed. Domestic and international 3d printing company has sprung up in the market. In the past two years, although the development speed has slowed down, it still belongs to the trend of stabilizing the market. From the perspective of global shipments in 2018, it still maintains a certain growth trend.

3D printing industry chain in-depth analysis and market globalization
3D printing is mainly divided into desktop and industrial. The desktop level is the initial and entry stage of 3d printing technology, which can straightly and intuitively explain the principle of 3d printing. Industrial grade 3D printers are mainly divided into rapid prototyping and direct product manufacturing and its price is quite expensive because it is made by mineral powder. And what about desktop-grade 3d printer? Price is relatively inexpensive due to its plastic material.
 Base on the statistics from  the Prospective Industry Research Institute, the global 3D printer market will exceed US$22 billion in 2022. the Chinese 3D printer market will exceed US$6.19 billion. Consumer-grade 3D printers currently occupy 90% of the market. The united states is the main competitive field in the 3d printing industry with a market share of more that 40%. followed by Japan, Germany, China is raked No. 4.  but China is the country with the largest number of makers, especially since the promotion of STEAM education. Therefore, 3D printing has become the focus of attention as an emerging technology industry.

The global market competition pattern, the domestic 3D printing diversified application market is generally optimistic

3D printing is a "high-dimensional" technology fusion model. The China Internet of Things School and Enterprise Alliance calls it "the thought of the last century, the technology of the last century, the market of this century."  Since the rise in the United States, but popular around the world, the 3D printing industry is destined to have a global market competition.

3D printing accelerates the intelligent upgrade of traditional manufacturing.
Personalized customization will become a new direction for the development of the industry.

With the development of the Internet of Things and cloud computing, energy and information jointly drive economic development, distributed manufacturing will become the representative of emerging models, from distributed energy to cloud computing, from industrial robots to 3D printing, these are distributed applications. The economies of scale that are recombined after being distributed have increased resource utilization and reduced cost.

3D printing manufacturing technology has the potential to completely affect global manufacturing in all aspects, shifting factory production to social production, mass production. Turn to localized, personalized production. 3D printing technology is the best embodiment of individualization. It is also the production method that can be used in manufacturing. It is not produced in a certain place and then shipped to the world. Instead, it can send the design drawings instantly through the Internet and manufacture them at the location of demand. The product has abandoned the same form of large-scale manufacturing in the factory and has the characteristics of individualization, miniaturization and economy.  

3d printing application are keep expanding, industry, medical and education are still the mainstream.

From the perspective of global investment distribution in 3D printing in 2018, investment in 3D printing technology services and investment in 3D printing materials have increased. As mentioned above, as long as you have a printer, In the future, you have the ability to turn your imagination into reality.
Nowadays, 3d printing become more and more popular, and breakthrough the model of traditional manufacturing. Expect its application in Educational Maker, 3d printing also make a real progress in aerospace, automotive transportation, and medical fields.

The 3D printing industry continues to innovate itself, and it needs a long-term layout in the market. 

Despite the many advantages of 3D printing, the drawbacks of rapid development are still unavoidable – material issues, print speed issues, and specialized staffing. Materials are the primary problem that restricts the expansion of the 3D printing market. The development of high-speed and wider printing materials is an important development direction for 3D printer manufacturers. At the same time, professionals with high-tech knowledge are also really important in help expanding the market.

Since the concept of Industry 4.0 was officially launched at the Hannover Messe in 2013, and with the support of governments, it is expected that the 3D printing industry will continue to grow in the future. In this process of rapid development, it is bound to be an accelerated process of reshuffle. The natural law of survival of the fittest and survival of the fittest will never be outdated, which means that the threshold of the 3D printing industry will be higher and higher.
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