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Printer Guide| CR-10 V2 Feedback From Chinese Users

Creality 3D has been adhering to the service principle of “customer first” to provide better quality 3D printers for users all over the world ever since its establishment in 2014. Back in this September, Creality 3D released its latest CR-10 V2, which aroused great excitement among audiences in China. In this article, we will probe into 5 Chinese Creality 3D customers and see what they are thinking about the new CR-10 V2.
Cen Jinyan
As a loyal customer to Creality 3D, Cen has a CR-10S. When he received the new CR-10 V2, he filmed a review video covering the process of unboxing, assembly, leveling, trial printing, and uploaded to bilibili.com, a Chinese video website.

1. CR-10 V2 is equipped with two aluminum pull-over rods to form a firm triangular structure, which is greatly helpful for improving the stability and print quality during the printing process.
2. CR-10 V2 leaves the issue of the complex cable connections. The extruder kit, resume printing module, and the cable interfaces are all neatly arranged.
3. CR-10 V2 adopts an all-metal extruder with a protective cover added, greatly increasing the strength of the entire mechanism extrusion module, ensuring the stable filament feed-in.
4. CR-10 V2 extends the merits of resume printing function and filament breakage sensor, which reduces a lot of unnecessary trouble for users and improves the success print ratio at the same time.
5. CR-10 V2 can truly print very quietly thanks to the self-developed Creality TMC-2208 motheboard and the low-volume nozzle fans.

1. It could be much easier to remove the final prints if you add a piece of Masking Tape on the carborundom glass platform.
2. To avoid the any possibilities of reducing the success print ratio, it would be better to add a backup power supply to enhance the resume printing function.

Huang Yanpeng
Huang wrote a comprehensive 3000 words review report though he said never wrote any of reviews before, which truly impressed us. His report clearly stated from 5 aspects, base assembly, gantry assembly, leveling, trial printing.

1. The large T-type nut makes the assembly much easier.
2. The final prints are all of high precision, and fine texture.

1. It will be more helpful for users if there are some instructions about how to install rubber pad and Z-axis limit switch.
2. Creality 3D should enhance the resume printing function.

Zhu Juehui
Zhu said there could not be a better choice than CR-10 V2 if someone is considering purchasing a 3D printer.

1. Easy assembly within 10 minutes. CR-10 V2 can start parting right out of the box.
2. Creality 3D takes the safety problem into consideration so as to optimize the cable connection in a very neat way.
3. CR-10 V2 adopts a carborundom glass platform, which increase the bed adhesion when printing, and add convenience when removing prints.
4. Except some low voice from the nozzle fan, CR-10 V2 is really printing in a silent way as if you cannot even notice it.
5. Overall, the user experience is upgraded from unboxing to printing.

1. If there is some reminder to indicate the printing state, users can easily grasp the printing progress.
2. The filament breakage sensor cannot be removed which makes it inconvenient to manually load and unload filaments.

Xia Zijie
Xia has been supporting Creality 3D from Ender-3 to LD-001 and then to CR-10 S. He wrote a review report from 4 different aspects to show what he thought about CR-10 V2, namely machine structure, assembly, maximum print height, print precision. What highlights in this report is the comparison part between Ender-3, CR-10S, and CR-10 V2, making it clear for other users to know about the machine performance.

1. CR-10 V2 looks more outstanding with the originally distinctive structure and the newly added carborundom glass platform.
2. CR-10 V2 has neat wire arrangements over CR-10S, which helps to reduce assembly error and enhance safety.
3. Filament breakage sensor: When the Z axis moves, the module will not be separated from the nozzle. This design is good.
4. When printing a smaller print, it is of high precision without obvious layering.
5. CR-10 V2 is working silently.

1. Reinforce the gantry structure with similar T-shape profile on CR-10S.
2. The card slot on Ender -3, CR-10S is designed for small SD card, but the card slot on CR-10 V2 is designed for large TF card. It is recommended to include a small SD card and a card holder in the package content, rather than a single TF card.

Zhang Liangjie
Zhang carefully recorded the assembly and printing process and shared the video to TikTok.

1. The machine is well packed so the machine is completely safe and sound.
2. CR-10 V2 is capable of multi-task printing at the same time, the 4 final prints as shown in the picture above is of quite good quality.

1. The signs for limit switches are not clear enough. Therefore, beginner users might easily miss the installation or even waste a long time on it.

Creality 3D sincerely appreciate all customer feedbacks from users not only in China but also those from other countries. Thanks to your propositions and advice, Creality 3D finds the well-defined goals and specific purpose on the way stepping forward. In the future, Creality 3D will be more customer-centered, serve with faster delivery and preferential price, insisting on technological innovation and committed to passing on the spirit of the evangelist, facilitating people to enjoy the convenience of technology.