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Printer Guide| CR-10 V2 to Reinvent the Classic CR-10 with 9 Upgrades

The newest CR-10 V2 joined the CREALITY CR-series family in September. Due to the tremendous popularity and formidable reputation established in consumer FDM 3D printers by its predecessor CR-10, CR-10 V2 has stirred huge excitement among audiences. In this article, the advantages of CR-10 V2 advertised by its manufacturer will be clearly analyzed to see from which users can benefit or not.

Why is the CR-10 so outstanding?
CR-10 achieves annual shipment over 500,000 units, truly living up to its title "The World's Second Hottest 3D printer" rated by 3D Hubs. In October 2017, CR-10 was included in Cura settings together with CR-10 S4, CR-10 S5, which was the first time for China manufactured 3D printer to be collected by Cura. In Q4 2017, CR-10 ranked TOP7 in Best Commented 3D Printers List by 3D Hubs. In January 2018, CR-10 was chosen to be the Best Money Valued for big printing volume and simple assembly. Until now, CR-10 has always been one of the hottest topics on YouTube with over 100,000 pieces of videos.

With merits inherited from its predecessor CR-10, CR-10 V2 is reinvented to offer a better user experience for CREALITY fans.
What will Make CR-10 V2 Different?
CR-10 V2 adopts innovatively designed dual-port cooling fans which is more helpful for heat dissipation, effectively reducing the risk of nozzle blockage and filament overflow, improving print precision and print quality. Based on experiment data, the cooling improvement is up to 55%, resulting in 10% higher overall print precision.

CR-10 V2 maintains semi-automatic leveling and default Bowden Drive as CR-10 does, but also reserves some upgraded space for DIY improvements. Users can opt to install BL-Touch for auto-leveling and Titan direct drive extrusion unit depending on personal liking.

Powered by 24V/350W Mean-Well power supply, CR-10 V2 can work so stably that thermal efficiency and heating speed are increased by 30%. Compared to CR-10, it takes less time to heat the print bed to the required temperature.

CR-10 V2 will enhance a stable filament feed-in with its wear-resisting all-metal extruding unit. After 3000 times resistance tests, CR-10 V2 is proven to have 10% higher stability of filament feed-in.

Another highlight that CR-10 will never have is the new self-developed silent motherboard matched with a TMC 2208 ultra-mute drive. Thanks to this advanced silent stepper driver, CR-10 V2 can support 200 non-stopped hours printing, and the volume lower than 50dB.

In order to offer better user experience, CR-10 V2 has both filament breakage sensor and resume printing function to enable it in a more intelligent way.

The most noticeable difference between CR-10 and CR-10 V2 is the appearance design. CR-10 V2 has the unique CREALITY blue on its machine body. With the same print size, the diagonal tie rod structure is added to form a stable triangular structure, which effectively reduces printing vibration errors.

CR-10 V2 DIY coexists with fun and stability, effectively complementing the single functionality of the CR-10. The CR-10 V2 is of easy assembly and stable performance, allowing you to enjoy the fun of DIY 3D printing.