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Printer Guide| Creality Resin 3D Printer LD-002R Customer Feedback from Foreign Users

Creality resin 3D printer LD-002R officially jumped into the market in December 2019. As the product engineer George Deng said,” The latest LD-002R is believed to generate some serious buzz across the community for good reasons inherent to itself.” During the last two months, LD-002R truly has lived up to the expectation!

“FWIW, though, the LD-002R is stellar. It stinks about 30% less than the photon or mars (better filtration system), seems to require about half the exposure time (more powerful, better-distributed uv array) as either of those, and comes from the factory already leveled.” ---- Jay Aristide

“The LD-002R is actually much more resilient and does a better job with less supports than my buddy's elegoo mars. We tried printing a model on both of our printers with the same supports and his failed and mine came out perfect.”----Dave Faydel

“This is a full size #3DBenchy at 0.01mm with 8x anti-aliasing, printed on my Creality LD-002R with SainSmart Rapid Curing Grey. There is no visible layer graduation, even among the slightest slopes. I think I'm gonna print another one and turn off anti-aliasing. I'm curious if it's even needed at this resolution.”

“Just got my Creality resin printer and it looks great! I also have an Elegoo Mars and I will be comparing this to the Mars as I use it. As my business grows I am sure I will need more printers.
First impressions: Packed VERY well, should ship anywhere in the world safely and without damage. It has a very impressive tool kit with it, including 3 extra FEP sheets, a metal and plastic putty knife, mini screwdriver, 16GB thumb drive, cleaning brush and the usual gloves, masks and strainers. According to the very well printed instructions, the print bed is pre-leveled. I am going to try my first print without re-leveling, just to test that. The print bed is flat with no holes and I appreciate that. I like to print directly on the plate. So I will be getting it all ready today and let you all know how it goes.”---- Dana Stratton

“The LD-002r will provide far higher detail than clear film. It will need an even spread of UV light so areas are not over/under exposed.”----Jason Clark

What Makes LD-002R Such an Affordable Bucky Machine?
Featuring a 2K solid-state display system of 2560x1600 pixels for its masking of the UV light source, it is truly capable of providing 10 times higher precision than FDM 3D printers. LD-002R adopts a much sturdier frame structure with a new ball-type linear module, which is helpful for Z-axis stability, ensuring accurate position during the printing process. To further improve the print quality, the machine supports 4X/8X anti-aliasing that can reduce staircase aesthetic effects on prints, delivering more detailed models. Therefore, LD-002R is quite capable of delivering high-resolution resin 3D prints.

Based on its predecessor LD-002, LD-002R revolutionizes its appearance with an oblique 3.5in color touch screen. Better yet, it utilizes ChiTuBox slicer fast slicing 30Mb STL model files within 1 minute. ChiTuBox allows hollowing out a model before slicing which could save resin dramatically during the photocuring process. With the combination of ChiTuBox, users can also enjoy the function of automatically and manually adding support structures to objects, letting go of problems caused by suction or weak support.

Another highlight to boost the new LD-002R is the safe air purification system in form of convection airstream and activated carbon filter, effectively eliminating the odor from photosensitive resin.

LD-002R is ready to start printing right out of the box, offering higher quality final prints in a comfy printing environment. Pricing below $200, LD-002R is such a good choice for entry-level users who want to give it a shot to resin 3D printing, as well as professionals who have high requirements on print quality.