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Printer Guide|User-friendly Design LD-002R

LD-002R is the latest official new printer of Creality . LD-002R with high precision and exquisite design makes the user have a great impressive. In this article “Fine model you can get from LD-002R”, we have introduced the precision of LD-002R. Here, we want to introduce the humanized design of LD-002R.
All-metal Body and CNC Aluminum
LD-002R has all-metal integrated machine body by CNC cutting technique, which can strengthen the frame structure and reduce some unnecessary vibrations, and print the model more smoothly. So we don’t worry that the printer will be wear and tear owing to the long time use.
All-new UI Interface
LD-002R has the new UI interface. It has 3.5-in touch screen. It also supports two languages, including the Chinese and English. In the UI interface, we can monitor the real-time printing. And the touch screen also has high resolution and clear display, which make us operate easily.
Convenient Resin Vat Clearing
LD-002R has the special FEP release film tightened from both printer sides, which can prolong the service life of resin printer. When you remove the resin vat, the residues in the resin vat also can be quickly and easily removed. But we should be careful and avoid the broken of release film.
Small Side Open Window
On the side of printer, there is a small open window. Its design is convenient for simpler maintenance. For example, if our screen has been broken and needs to be replaced, we can remove the cover of window and replace the new screen. This open window is much easier for replacing. It can give us the better experience.
We can enjoy the artistic creation with the LD-002R resin printer.

we can also enjoy the endless DIY fun with LD-002R of exquisite design.

We can also explore our creativity with the integration of art and precision.