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Students use clay 3d materials to make 3D printed bricks

Students at the University of Waterloo School of Architecture in Cambridge, Ontario, are bringing new meaning to the mixed media as they simultaneously use 3D printing and the use of ancient clay building materials.

Recently, a research case explained how 18 master students start their journey to explore new technologies deeply. Simultaneously trying so hard to build a unique buy giant objects that are more than a meter high, fully take advantage of 3d design and printing, showing an extraordinary example of the mixture between 3d design and printing, which means when an idea comes out, you need to put it into action. No matter it is making solid objects or other objects that may be integrated with electronic devices.

In the beginning, the initial idea of using a new $20,000 3D printer at their school is pure: design a brick wall. The kind of technology is quite new for the students. So for them, this is not just a new journey for design, but a new experience to learn powerful new hardware. Professor David Correa said that when he asked the students to start their journey, he did not even know what would happen.

The students are divided into a trio, each of whose task is to make masonry with a 3D printer. Learning how to operate a new 3D printer to create industrial products is probably the biggest challenge, first, they are immersed in the world of materials science - learning clay. Not only do they need to know more about manipulating materials and their properties, but they also need to understand the reaction of materials in 3D printing buildings.

It can not be built in other ways without amounts of cost and time. They have been involved in a more advanced level of 3D printing research to study the response of these objects at different humidity and temperature. They are completely unique.

They can be customized in terms of design and 3D printing capabilities, and students can design the specifications required for each brick based on the complex project at hand; for example, a wall is not only like a whistle but also projects various notes based on wind direction and speed.

 Yesul Cho added: “It’s fascinating to think that we are the only person in the world who has ever produced this geometry with this machine.” He is one of the teams responsible for making the brick wall. This project has impressed Cho, who said that she will continue to learn 3D printing. Correa is pleased with the team and the resulting project and says he believes that 3D printing has great potential, and its surface is still somewhat rough from the point of view of what students can do and on a large scale. There are plans to offer this course again this fall.

The use of clay for 3D printing has provided designers around the world with innovative ways to experienced with nano clay bio-printed better scaffolds, using PLA nanocomposites with PLA, and using 3D printing in sculpture.

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