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User Story| Turn Your Ender-3 Pro into a Foldable Transformer 3D Printer

Most 3D printers are designed to be compact, but they are still inconvenient to travel with. To solve this issue, Jón Schone initiates a challenge to turn his new Ender-3 Pro into a foldable transformer and he does make it.

“Will you guys make some foldable 3D printers in the future? As you know, we students do experiments in different labs thus frequently moving to places. It is so awkward that the printer is not easily portable to be moved. If there is any possibility for you guys to release a foldable and portable 3D printer, you will make a real difference” said Greg Chen when he met Creality at CES2020 in Las Vegas.

Foldable 3D printers will be one of the next steps that Creality will take in the future. If you are interested in making it happen in advance, it is worth a look at Jón Schone’s innovative upgrade video on his YouTube channel Proper Printing.

To achieve this, the LCD screen and the power supply need to be removed to the bottom frame for folding the gantry structure.

Then, how to make the foldability happen?
The machine is added with four bar linkages to allow the vertical frame to be transformed into the front of the machine as it folds down. The connector joint is 3D printed with carbon fiber reinforced nylon. With threaded rod and sliding mounting points on the extruded frame, the entire mechanism can be completely adjustable. Small brackets on each side of the frame allow the printer to snap securely into both its upright and folded positions.

This is the most amazing mod on Creality 3D printer we’ve ever seen recently. Time makes it inevitable that in every profession the rising generation is worthier than the former one. Before Jón Schone, Corbin actually made his Ender-2 foldable into a suitcase.

When starting to make it zoom out, there was always a battle for real estate between all the components. Corbin had to think about taking a couple of millimeters here to give there, and then that makes a new problem and so on. The detailed plan wasn’t published, but it was a successful shot.
For many 3D printing hobbyists, foldable 3D printer will be a desirable appeal to enable 3D printing to happen everywhere. The two real examples are well-designed and beautifully executed hack, enough to make makers really want to build one for their own. It will remain to be seen if any slop develops with repeated folding and use, but we are looking forward to seeing new breakthroughs achieved this project by companies in the near future.