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With Togetherness and Cooperation, Fight Against the Novel Coronavirus Epidemic

As more countries are facing the threat of viruses, the COVID-19 outbreak has become a common concern for the international community, and the tough-fought battle is entering a critical stage. Upon this challenging situation, each country and each individual should take responsibility for getting through these times of hardship with joint efforts.

Faced with this massive public health crisis, Creality immediately organized the Special Task Force on the Novel Coronavirus and took timely measures and conduct to guarantee the safety of all employees and workers. Bearing the spirit of 3D printing evangelist, Creality also unleashed the full potential of 3D printing via providing 3D printed face masks, 3D printed goggles, and 3D printed face mask buckles to people who are in need, and especially medics fighting against at the epidemic frontline.

Now, the national campaign needs to be expanded to an international campaign. “The virus brings the world into isolation, but love brings us together. Creality is always keeping a close eye on coronavirus update, and contributing as much effort as possible to contain this worldwide epidemic. We are going to start an international campaign to encourage people who have 3D printers to produce necessary personal protection supplies, and people who are sophisticated in designing to create better suitable 3D face mask models, goggles models. We believe that the virus outbreak will come to a positive downward trend for the assist of high tech empowerment and effective international cooperation!”, said Jack Chen, the CEO of Creality.

In the name of love, Creality hereby starts an international campaign, encouraging people to join hands to the ongoing fight against the novel coronavirus epidemic, as long as you have a 3D printer or some skills in model design.

If you have a 3D printer, we appeal for your action in making 3D printed face masks, 3D printed goggles, and 3D printed face mask buckles for your own and for as many people around you as possible. On Feb. 22nd, Creality noticed that there was an anonymous Creality user deploying the Creality CR-10 Max to make 3D printed protective goggles for his family and his near neighbor. He shared the video online for helping more people to get the STL files and mitigating the predicament of medical supplies shortage confronted by almost everyone. His voluntary giving to the public must be making a big difference for those who are in need. If you are also capable of doing it as well, please don't hesitate to spread your kindness.

Download STL files below:
3D printed face mask
3D printed protective goggles

If you are a designer or engineer sophisticated skills in model design, we appeal for your action in creating the best suitable 3D models of face masks, protective goggles. Exactly knowing how severe physical pain that frontline medics are suffering from, Mr. Ji, the Chief designer from Creality R&D department, spent tens hours designing 3D face mask buckles C-lock model and 3D face mask kit model. After over and over again test, the final version of the 3D printed face mask have finally confirmed to fit on people’s face in the best way, effectively reducing the pain exerting by thin wires in the normal face masks. The C-lock, 3D printed face mask buckle, is also quite a helpful novelty to relive people’s ears from pain. Even though going through hardships, there are always people creating great stuff not just for personal benefit but for the whole public welfare. The world still needs more creations by sophisticated and responsible designers, engineers, and makers like you.

Creality is looking forward to your participation and willing to award all the hard work that you have contributed during the period.
Download STL files below:
Creality 3D printed face mask buckles---- C-lock
Creality 3D printed face mask kit

If you are an intelligent manufacturing enterprise equipped with sufficient equipment such as 3D printers, we appeal for your action in producing and donating necessary 3D printed medical supplies to more individuals and communities. Upon the curial situation of the novel coronavirus prevention and control, Creality has deployed 100 3D printers producing necessary 3D printed medical supplies. On Feb. 22nd, Creality donated the first batch of 1000 3D printed face mask buckles to medics working at Shenzhen Longhua District Maternal and Child Health Hospital, and Shenzhen Third People's Hospital. It is now not clear how much intelligent manufacturing enterprises can help control the virus, but all efforts put forth so far have been meaningful. Our hand-in-hand cooperation will lead a close step to the success of epidemic control.

Creality hereby is so confident that the world is able to win the battle against this epidemic and soon will recover in both health and economic fields.