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LCD 3d printer

LD-001 3D Printer

Item No.: 201804090301
LCD-001 3D Printer | 120*70*120mm | Creality cost-effective LD 001, a compact DIY LCD printer that allows users to print high definition models, rapid screen change, easier leveling and self slicer software.
Description Specification
Model  LCD-001
X,Y resolution  47 μm(2560*1440)
Z axis accuracy 0.02μm-0.05μm(layer thickness)
Print speed 20mm/hour
Molding size 120*70*120mm
Light source Configuration UV integrated lamp beads(wavelength 405 NM)
Molding Technology LCD screen light curing molding
Slicing software 3D Creator Slicer (Chinese/English)
Equipment size 220*240*360mm
Package size 356*310*465mm
Net Weight 6.4kg
Gross Weight 9kg
Output voltage 12V-10A
Special filament Ordinary rigid photosensitive resin
by frank mazzaferro
Jun 11,2020
firmwar, slicer
Hello, I purchased this item but am unable to upload firmware and skicer where can I get this ?